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Changing Lives Strategy

SLaM has developed a five-year strategy, entitled Changing Lives, during a time of exciting possibilities and great challenge.  The profile of mental health has never been higher, supporting a real sense of social and professional momentum.  SLaM has leading edge research and development that offers new hope for innovation into practice; there is much more the Trust can do with technology to support and empower staff, patients and partners.  Fortunately, it is endowed with a valuable estate that offers major opportunity for refurbishment, disposal and selective new-build.

The unprecedented focus on maintaining quality services whilst managing costs downwards has necessitated a drive to change the way care is delivered through new national imperatives (Mental Health 5-Year Forward View), new ways of delivering services (the New Models of Care Programme), and joint planning across localities through Sustainability and Transformation Plans.  The Trust can best improve the lives of the people and communities it serves by focusing on the development and delivery of population-based mental health solutions.  This means improving outcomes that matter to patients, enhancing patient and staff experiences, and delivering better health prevention and promotion goals for every pound spent by health and care systems.  

The Changing Lives strategy goes beyond the Trust’s current focus on the most unwell people in our communities and our specialist services and aims to contribute to improving the mental health and wellbeing of the whole population that the Trust serves. It pays particular attention to the well-being, equality and empowerment of the organisation’s workforce.

Our Changing Lives strategy sets out five strategic aims to steer our work:

  1. Quality: we will get the basics right in every context and keep improving what matters to service users.

  2. Partnerships: we will work together with service users, their support networks and whole populations to realise their potential.

  3. A great place to work: we will value, support and develop out managers and staff.

  4. Innovation: we will strive to be at the forefront of what is possible, exploiting our unique strengths in research and development, with  everyone involved in learning.

  5. Value: we will make the best use of our assets, resources, relationships and reputation to support the best quality outcomes.

One fundamental shift that we want to make is to change the relationship with service users, carers and families at all levels. We have already made strong progress but we need to support both professionals and service users to take different roles and approaches that will help people change their lives. Our well-established five commitments to build trusting, mutual relationships set us on good course for this.

The Changing Lives strategy builds on our direction of travel, evolving from our previous strategy, but with stronger emphasis on consistent quality, continuous improvement and partnership in its different forms. The strategy is aligned with a wide range of partners - Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), Local Authorities, Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs), South London Mental Health and Community Partnership (SLP), Healthy London Partnership, the Maudsley Charity, the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience (IoPPN) and King’s College London and will engage an increasingly wide range of partners such as schools, the housing sector, employers, the police, voluntary sector, community and faith groups.

Watch the below video to find out more about Our Changing Lives strategy: